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In The Troodos Mountains

Troodos :

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Troodos mountains, a short drive from Pafos, offers superb scenery for the walker and tourist alike. You can ski on the snow slopes in the morning and then soak up the sun rays of Cyprus in the afternoon at the pool side or on one of the beaches.
Nature trails set off from Akamas to lead nature lovers to incomparable views of unspoiled land. Further details on these trails can be obtained from a special leaflet issued by the Cyprus Tourism Organization in co-operation with the Forestry Department.

Nothing could be more dramatically different from Mediterranean beach life, than the impressive mountain range that stretches across the centre of Cyprus and reaches up to 1.952 meters at Chionistra, the highest point of Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus was said to be the home of the Greek Gods, presided over by Zeus. Admiring panoramic vistas and breathing the cool, pine-scented air makes a heady change from the coasts and plains, which are only a relatively short drive away.

There's plenty to see in these mountains. Nine of the many Byzantine churches are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for the exquisite art depicted in their icons, frescoes and architecture. Moufflon have been protected for a number of years in a huge natural reserve in the magnificent Cedar Valley, and nowadays visitors can often see these timid creatures. Scenic walks to take, a great variety of interesting birds and flora to be seen, waterfalls and special picnic sites, and above all, there are villages of immeasurable charm to wander round, or simply to dally in and observe the unhurried pace of rustic country life.

The mountain villages are absolutely charming and the people friendly and hospitable. Each village has a special crop, craft or product for which it is known - fruits such as cherries, apples or peaches, sweet specialities like soujouko and palouze, wines, zivania - a highly alcoholic vine by-product, rosewater, pottery ... the list is endless.

Mesa Potamos Monastery. This monastery is situated half way between Pano Platres and Kato Amiantos. It oversees a sharp gorge where the Mesa Potamos plunges downhill in the winter. Bikes can be hired in Pano Platres for anyone to mountain-bike down this trail.

Omothos Village
Welcome to wine country! The village of Omothos is quite possibly one of the most visited destinations in Cyprus.
This is largely due to its untainted natural beauty and the fact that it home of the wine estates where free wine tasting is the order of the day. The village welcomes you with cobbled streets, traditional homes and people and a true feeling that you have stepped back in time. Take tours of the local ancient wine press machines while sampling the wines that have made the area famous. The traffic in the streets is that of local villagers with their donkeys carrying grape sacks on their sides after a day in the fields. Local souvenirs and lace fabrics can be picked up from the side shops that can be found on the main road that also houses the local taverns and cafes.

Plano Platres Village
Plana Platres or Platres as it is more widely known, is a little town of 500 to 1500 people depending on season. Its an ideal base for walking the many trails, or just to visit the Caledonian Falls. There are Hotels, restaurants & craft shops occupying this shady mountain village
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