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Aphrodite Hills Spa Infinity Pool at The Retreat

Aphrodite Hills Spa :

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The multi award winning 5* Aphrodite Hills Spa (The retreat) is situated between the birthplace and the temple of the goddess; resting on a plateau, over looking the sparkling Mediterranean. Cyprus was once part of the mighty Ancient Greek Empire that introduced inter alia, the concept of hygiene, bathing and wellness of body and mind.

Just as Ancient Greeks would have their local baths to relax, refresh and rejuvenate; the Aphrodite Hills Spa recreates the atmosphere of an escape into luxury, pampering and peace of mind. The spa swimming pool sundeck with its whirlpool temple and garden massage temples surrounded by the sounds of birds and trickling water. Monastic in its architectural style, the quiet gardens and secluded courtyards, bougainvillea and hibiscus, exotic scents of jasmine and orange blossom in the Mediterranean heat, all combine beautifully to conceal the modern health & beauty that the Spa provides.

Aphrodite's Baths, through a traditional body cleansing process lasts for 3 hours. The traditionally decorated Thermae holds a series of rooms, the Tepidarium, Caldarium, Lanconium and Frigidarium, all in among columns, arches, vaulted ceilings and mosaics. Together with a Hamam, an elaborately decorated Sauna with sea view, various whirlpools, plunge pools and baths this is a truly indulging bathing experience. Complete range of traditional spa treatments including massage, skincare, anti-aging, hydrotherapy, body wraps, de-stress, de-tox and aromatherapy treatments to mention but a few.

Aphrodite Hills Gymnasium.

The 140m² Cybex equipped gymnasium, complemented by the 80m² sprung floor aerobics studio and internal garden terraces. The instructors in close association with Premier Training International, a leading provider of specialist training courses and services means that the fitness team is highly qualified and experienced in providing the best individual fitness care possible. A range of group and individual training, assessment and development services will be available to the guests.

The Retreat also offers a Sauna, Steam room and access to a spectacular infinity edged roof pool overlooking the golf & Mediterranean.

Finally enjoy a drink watching the sun setting into the clear blue Mediterranean, stunning finish to a perfect day!

If you would like to relax in Aphrodite Hills Spa / Gym, staying with AH4R's will qualify you as resident and discount within The Retreat; contact us for further information.

The Retreat contact information - 08:00 to 20:00:

Tel: +357 26828100
Fax: +357 26828101
E-Mail: Aphrodite Hills Spa
Website: www.aphroditehills.com

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